Manhunter by Goodwin and Simonson

Live for Adventure!

This Bronze-Age classic is sadly out of print, but we still have a few copies available…highly recommended for Adventure fans!

Written by Archie Goodwin; Art and Cover by Walter Simonson

When former big-game hunter and intelligence officer Paul Kirk was trampled by an elephant in the African outback, it seemed as if the legendary adventurer’s life had come to a poetic close. But when a fanatical organization called the Council repaired and altered Kirk, he began a new chapter in his existence. In the international conspiracy adventure MANHUNTER: THE SPECIAL EDITION, Kirk breaks free of the Council’s confines and vows to destroy their evil organization. Enhanced with greater reflexes and a miraculous healing factor, the Manhunter is joined by a female Interpol agent and Batman as he sets out on his mission to destroy his Council-serving clones and thwart their plot of world domination.

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