Never Miss an Issue with Our New Comic Subscription Service

Keep Your Collection Complete!

Tired of driving all over town looking for comics you’ve missed? Marvel, DC, and Image are offering a VERY wide variety of titles in the new monthly Previews magazine. To help you keep your collection complete and make sure you don’t miss an issue of your favorite title, we offer a New Comic Subscription Service and will pull and hold all of your new comics for you every week.

To join the Atomik Pop! New Comic Subscription Service please fill out our New Comic Subscription Form.

After we activate your account, you will be able to add and/or delete titles from your subscription list using the My Comics link.

Mail Order Options

If you’re not in the Oklahoma City area, we’d be happy to mail your comics to you.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly shipping options. Orders over $100 will be shipped free.

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1 thoughts on “Never Miss an Issue with Our New Comic Subscription Service

  1. David Salsman says:

    I’m intresred in new issues savage sword conan ..subscriptions .but I dont have access to a card online and cant go to store but once a year .
    but want a few books a month .I can pay cash at the store once a year if you could send them in the mail on new release .this might be a good option for kids to .comicbooks I think would sell better .expanding new works until comicbooks rule the world.

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