Get Your Favorite Cover with our Variant Comic Guarantee

Variant Guarantee Program

Want to make absolutely sure you get the variant comic cover you want? Now you can PRE-ORDER the number of qualifying issues at a discount, and we will give you the associated variant for FREE! For example, if you want the 1:25 variant, you can pre-order 25 copies of the regular cover, and we will give you the associated variant free!

Here’s the ordering rates:

1:10 Order 10 copies and receive 10% Off

1:25 Order 25 copies and receive 20% Off

1:50 Order 50 copies and receive 30% Off

1:100 Order 100 copies and receive 35% Off

Multiple Variants: In order to keep this program viable, we cannot provide multiple free variants based on the same order, sorry. For example, if you order 50 copies of an issue, we will give you the 1:50 variant free. The 1:10 and 1:25 variant covers are not included in this offer.

Deadlines: Orders generally are due about a month before the book arrives at the store; ask for more details on specific titles.

Payment: All orders must be paid in full when you place your order.

Shipping: Shipping is $7 per order for orders up to 50 comics. For orders of 50 comics or more shipping is $10.

Refunds: All comics are non-returnable and non-refundable, sorry.

If you’re interested in a particular title, please give Joey a call after 11 am Monday through Friday at 495-635-0848 or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


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