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Things to Come

PREVIEWS MAGAZINE is a monthly catalog of upcoming comics, graphic novels, manga, toys, and more published by Marvel, Image, and DC’s distributor, Diamond Comics. PREVIEWS is available as a both a monthly print magazine and as a digital download. To add the print edition of PREVIEWS to you monthly subscription just call the store at 405-635-0848 or fill out our comment form. To buy a 10 issue subscription to the digital edition please visit our online store. All the items in PREVIEWS are available for us to special order for you at no extra charge.

In addition to the monthly catalog, PREVIEWS features a website for additional news and info. The PREVIEWS WORLD site is a nice tool that provides links to the monthly catalog listings and showcases new items of interest.

Also, every weekday PREVIEWS publishes their New to Order website updates. There are a lot of items on this page that don’t necessarily make it into the monthly catalog, but are available for special orders if you let us know before the ordering deadline. So be sure to peruse this section of the site for all the newest items available for preorder.

Finally, help us help you…please tell us what you want as soon as you can. Our favorite thing in the world is to making sure you get everything you’re looking for!

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