Special Orders Available

Special Orders Available

At Atomik Pop! we do our best to bring you a great selection of graphic novels, manga, and other merchandise. We can’t help but smile every time someone walks into the store excited about our great selection, and walks out satisfied. Looking for something you can’t find? Not sure where you left off in a storyline? Want to read more about what you’re seeing in theaters but don’t know where to begin? Just ask! We’d be happy to help you out with those questions. We also place special orders every week for items we’ve sold out of — just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to check to see if it’s available to order.

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2 thoughts on “Special Orders Available

  1. autumndogcomics says:

    Hello everyone at Atomik Pop. Was seeing if you are going to get the Amazing Spider-Man #12 Variant cover with Galactus on the front cover. Thank you

  2. Atomik Pop! says:

    We ordered it, but all of our copies have already been pre-sold, sorry. (Our ordering deadline from Marvel generally is about 30 days before each title ships, and Marvel does not print extra copies —- making reorders problematic.) I will order a few more copies and let you know if we get them. Thanks, Steve — steve@atomikpop.com

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