Today’s the Last Day of Our DC Graphic Novel Sale!

Great Krypton!

Today’s the last day for our DC graphic novel sale — stop by soon!

To help highlight all of the exciting titles DC is publishing this month, we’re having a “buy one, get one at half off” sale on all in-stock DC super-hero graphic novels now through the end of June 2018. For every super hero DC trade paperback, hardcover, or omnibus you buy you can get a second one at 50% off the cover price. This sale includes all in-stock titles including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. It does not include Ambush Bug because DC has not published an Ambush Bug collection. Like you, I am dismayed and appalled at this flagrant snub of the Legion of Ambush Bug Fans.

Regardless, with DC’s rich history of stories from the 1930’s to the present — including the original JSA to METAL — I’m sure you’ll find lots of great titles to choose from! To get this special offer, just show us this post on your smart phone, iPad, or JLA signal watch. (Second graphic novel must be equal in price or lower; this sale cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. This offer excludes special orders. Offer expires June 30, 2018. Not valid on Apokalips or in the Dark Multiverse.)

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