Howard Chaykin’s HEY KIDS, COMICS! Shines the Spotlight on Comics History

Hey Kids!

The third issue of Howard Chaykin’s “Hey Kids! Comics!” is now available at Atomik Pop! It’s a fictionalized history of the comic book industry, and you can have fun figuring out which characters represent Lee, Kirby, Siegel, Shuster, Martin Goodman, Jack Liebowitz (or is that Harry Donenfeld?), Matt Baker, Gil Kane, Jack Cole and many others.

According to Chaykin, “I stand on the shoulders of giants…and this book is my sincere and heartfelt attempt to offer thanks to the men and women who not only made my career possible, but who, more importantly, invented, often from naked white pages, the art and craft of our all too often misunderstood medium.”

Chaykin’s writing is often overtly political, pulls no punches, and possesses an insightful and prescient quality. Chaykin is definitely not a creator who talks down to his audience — his work is challenging and thought-provoking. It frequently forces you out of your comfort zone and requires you to think outside to box and consider alternative points of view. All of Chaykin’s books are highly recommended!

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