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Jeff Smith’s “Bone: Out from Boneville” is one of the all-time best-selling graphic novels in Atomik Pop! history.

Want to get kids excited about reading? Give them high interest reading material, and BONE definitely is that! We think of Bone as “Looney Tunes meets Lord of the Rings” — the storyline starts off as a humorous adventure story and segues into a serious fantasy tale.

Now cartoonist Jeff Smith has released a new Bone-related book called “Smiley’s Dream Book.” This one is especially recommended for the youngest of new readers. It’s a wonderful read-along book and a great introduction to the world of BONE.

According to Smith, “I just didn’t want to do a sequel to Bone. It’s published for kids in nine volumes, but it’s really a 1,400-page novel with a beginning, middle and end, and I got to the end. So that book is done. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be. But I love those characters and I did still want to draw them. Scholastic came up with the idea of doing a children’s picture book with the Bones, and I thought, that’s perfect.” Read this article for more on info why Jeff Smith decided to do a children’s book.

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