Make Any Size Payment With Our Variable Priced Item

Pay Any Amount

Several customers have asked how they can buy something that’s not listed in our online store.

If you would like to pay for an item (or a group of items) we have in stock, but have not yet listed in our online store, our Atomik Pop! Variable Priced Item is an easy and convenient way to make an online payment. With our Variable Priced Item you can make a payment of any size or amount — from Micro-verse to Giant Size — without having to use Pym Particles or a super-suit!

You can buy anything in the store including our entire selection of comics, graphic novels, toys, games, manga, and more. You may also make a payment for your friends and family — just let us know which account to apply the payment to during checkout and/or which item you would like to purchase.

Plus, for added flexibility, we now offer two payment options — Paypal and Stripe. (Stripe is a company that processes online transactions for Visa, Master Card, and other cards.)

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